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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Another thing to do on your wood heat stove

Here it is December and we have some leftover tomatoes. Nobody seems to want these, as they came in last month and don't have that summer ripeness of taste. Lots of apples too, one after another going bad. What to do? Well, a friend who extols the virtues of steam juicing found us a juicer at a flea market for, I think, $5.00. it's simplicity itself. Set the bottom tray on your wood cook stove, wood heat stove, or range and load it with water. Nest the second tray, which has your juice-run tubing attached, on the first tray. Set the third tray, which is basically a sieve, atop the second tray. Fill top tray with diced fruit and/and or vegs and cover.

By and by, you will have juice in the second tray, which you can tap into a receptacle of some kind. If you end up with two or three Mason jars after a run, you can refrigerate and do another run, till you have seven jars and are ready to can. Winter-run juice will be low acid, though, so unless you want to either add vinegar or pressure can, I'd say do what we do -- drink it right down.

We generally throw in a kale leaf just because.

See the video in the preceding blog post for a bunch of things to do while keeping warm with wood:


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