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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer has sprung?

Here we have April at the top and May at the bottom. Spring has sprung.

Spring, heck, summer has sprung. Twelve straight days of 80F+ highs, simply unheard-of here, while snow continues to fall on friends elsewhere. I have had to water, and water, and water, and some of the spring greens have bolted anyway. And the creek, from which I'd thought to pump a bit of irrigation, dried up over a month ahead of schedule. So it goes.

Facing north. To the left here is -- we hope -- a Three Sisters bed of beans, pumpkins, and sweet corn. To the right, greens, brassicas, alliums, peas, roots. 

Facing south. To the left, potato onions, more peas. In the distance, grapes struggling to recover from a freeze. Below: discoveries, including peas and radishes, on their way to become a spring salad.



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