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Monday, July 08, 2013

Adding a structure

The day comes when you can't do it all by yourself, or as well as you used to. Beloved wanted to add storage space to be able to sort and repair stock equipment without aggrandizing the potting shed (which certainly sounded good to me) so I began to make suggestions: "I could ... " "No." "Well, I could ... "Nope, not that either." Alas.

What I could do was Google to find out who does these things that's close by. Kevin's Mini Barns is an operation run by a couple out of their home, less than a mile away. So we contracted with them. They set up their compressor in the chicken shed and their saw in the driveway on a cord from the garage, and went to work:

Kevin pre-framing the second wall.
Brenda running the nail-gun on the flooring.
Kevin prepares to cut in the door after spray painting the exterior.

Brenda paints the trim.
Done! ... in a little over eight hours.


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