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Monday, July 08, 2013

After the Fourth

Almost the entire family gathered this week, to spend the Fourth of July together and to carry out my parents' last wish, which was to have their ashes placed within view of the western side of a certain great mountain. The chosen site required a three hour drive and two-mile hike-in. The granddaughters, bless them, were up to this. Middle son carried my mom and dad; we ambled through dark woods along the north slope of a saddle and broke out into sun and view in the heat of the day ...

I have to admit I cried buckets on the way back, and oldest son stopped twice to give me long hugs. 

Having seen everyone off to their assorted Big Cities, I turned to in the neglected garden. 

The corn and pumpkins have gotten over their shyness and are engineering a takeover bid.

Green beans are filling out their trellis.

Runner beans are investigating theirs.

The last peas must be harvested, along with the last broadbeans and the garlic. And everything needs water desperately.

Life goes on, I guess.


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