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Friday, October 25, 2013

A room of her own

We had two sheds put up this year. One is for animal supplies such as waterers and feeders and the like; the other we have insulated and put in interior walls and trim, so it can be used as an office or dormitory. As soon as Kevin and Brenda, our builders, were done with the shell, I began swinging hammers and brushes inside.

Mind you, I'm not a good carpenter, but I try to be persistent and also patient with myself, with the goal of producing results we can live with.

We went with 1/4" plywood over wallboard, as I'm so-so cutting plywood and hopeless with wallboard.

It took four coats of white to satisfy the family. Toto supervises.

To cover the egregious gaps in the plywood, 1X3" was stained, cut and applied along the cracks.

A smaller window was cut in, using a glass from an old picture frame, to add a view along the walkway toward the front door of the house.

Next we will strip the turf in front of the shed door and add pavers to prevent disaster in mud season. The herb bed has already been lifted and moved to the south side of the shed.


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