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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fogged in

The neighbor's sheep.
Fog for the last two weeks, fog predicted for the next two, hovering around the freezing mark. I feel as if I've retired from farming and am spend my time, as you may have noticed, bringing my titles up to date at Stony Run Press, to meet the requirements for Amazon distribution.

The ducks have been banished from the garden, to their great dismay, and the chickens have been let in. There is some overlap but also some divergence in their dietary interests, so it pays to run both groups through, as it stirs and levels everything in preparation for building up the beds. 

 That's something we typically do in February, as shown from 2011:

Susannah the goose has begun laying eggs a month early. Maybe I should move up the schedule?

But there is another task to tackle first.

Pruning, 2011.

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