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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Viewing Jasper Mountain book blog

Here is the header for a new book blog, Viewing Jasper Mountain. It's the book divided into post-sized bits, and they will appear once a week over the next few months. This one joins Starvation Ridge, 100 poems, iron buddhas, and Buddhism and Permaculture as book blogs already associated with the books from Stony Run Press.

Viewing Jasper Mountain (Kindle link) is a homesteading/gardening journal with twelve chapters, one for each month, and gives the reader a glimpse of homesteading thinking and doing in the fast-receding 1990s.

If you like the blog, do consider buying the book in one of its five formats (and counting), and posting a review. Indie authors and publishers that try to fight shy of the crassness of advertising rely on a good word here and there for their livelihood.

Thank you!


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