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Friday, September 26, 2014

A pressing matter

Way back in time I was a letterpress printer, linotypist and bindery operator, and such people tend to acquire a "hobby" shop somewhere along the way. I have had a Chandler & Price 10X15 press and a type cabinet (48 cases of type) since about 1986, and for most of that time the shop faced away from the window into the garage. Its footprint assured that ours would be a one car garage, and we need that space now -- for one car and a teardrop trailer.

So I got out the jacks, straps, come-along and pry bar and turned everything sideways. I actually like it better like this. This shop has been disused for awhile, as you can see by the jumble on the worktop, but it's still somewhat functional. 

The old variable-speed motor that came with the press has died an honorable death, and for some time I've gotten by with a homemade treadle, which I improved a bit yesterday by adding a rope pulley.

Although I really should be putting away type before starting any jobs, I'm procrastinating by running a small test job to reward myself for not getting killed by the move. The press weighs 1500 pounds. Here we have an angel with a trumpet on a venerable (and hoary with corrosion)  magnesium cut -- the oil that had protected it vaped away a decade ago. I'm locking it in the chase with furniture and speed quoins, inking it up with a galley roller, and locking the chase in the press to make a kiss impression on the tympan paper.

This will tell me where to set my guide pins to run the job -- a holiday card for the family's use come December.

The impression, though light, tells me the cut is still usable. Nice! I'll go out and get some paper and envelopes.

Meanwhile, there are tomatoes to go get and process before the poultry, whom I've let into the garden for cleanup, can find them all.


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