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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mucking about in the print shop

New rollers arrived, necessary because the old ones were thirty years old and past saving. I remember what those cost, and I can tell you they've gone up about two hundred percent. They also arrived without roller trucks.

Trucks are the rubber-tired wheels at the ends of the rollers, whose job is to roll on tracks on either side of the bed of the press. I could see that the ones I had might fit the new rollers, but they were fused onto the old rollers by bimetallic corrosion. I could order new ones, or ...

... several hours later, having banged on every tool in the shop with every other tool, the air reeking with WD-40, I had separated the trucks from the old rollers without mangling them (somehow), and installed them on the new rollers. Time to kick the treadle and see if we have a press ...

... and it appears we do.


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