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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Some fancy A7 postcards (yes, I suppose this is an ad)

It's fall and it's raining and I'm old and don't feel like mucking about on th' farm. This is where having something to do in the garage really shines.

Here's a one minute video of the press in action.

I ordered blank A7 notecards with matching envelopes; what I got was A7 blank postcards with matching envelopes. Oh, well. It's kinda for practice anyway.

I'm also using two shades of green ink, mixed, one of which isn't really tacky enough for letterpress, especially in this weather. So the job came out lighter in "color" (too much paper showing through the ink, which with black ink gets you a greyscale appearance) than it should have. But they're aren't awful, and the effect is old-timey. I'm getting close to being able to turn out decent product again.

After printing the cards and the bags to put the cards and envelopes in, I locked a rule (a straight edge to make a line on paper) into the chase and ran the cards again on the reverse side, to make true postcards (with the divided sides, one for writing, the other for addressing and the stamp) of them, and that went well. By then the ink had warmed up, too.

So these can be used as framed art, as postcards, or, with the envelopes, as holiday greeting cards or notecards, or the whole bagful can be given as a versatile gift. I made nine bags with ten cards and envelopes each, and any I don't give as gifts myself can be had for a check for $10.00 plus postage from:

Stony Run Press
36690 Wheeler Road
Pleasant Hill, OR 97455

or ask at risasb dot gmail dot com.

Offer good only while these last. Ask for product 1A, Angel Gabriel Postcards with Envelopes.


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