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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Everyone should get away for a few days

We went away for a couple of days in the (alarmingly) splendid weather we are having in the West and rested and recharged ourselves at the famous Sylvia Beach Hotel, a "literary" bed and breakfast in Newport, Oregon, not so very far from home for us.

Each room is dedicated to a famous author and decorated accordingly. Some, such as Tolkien, Poe, and Seuss, are so imaginatively turned out that I'm not sure it would be restful to stay in them. We tried Melville, which was fun (it has the biggest bed, known as Moby), especially reading all the journal entries by the newlyweds, and then Jane Austen, which is much more relaxing.

We divided our time between the Reading Room and beach walks.

More here: Youtube video.


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