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Saturday, January 24, 2015

While the sun shines

It's time to prune the raspberries back. Here you can clearly see the chicken moat -- well, right now it's ducks only -- with fruit trees. Soft fruits are inside the fence.

It's also the time of year when I seek out elephant garlic that has come up all over, for replanting elsewhere. This is a legacy of a time when the garden was much smaller, circular, and had a border of the stuff. Notice I've doffed the jacket already. It's hot out here.

A new garlic bed is filling up by the bucket load.

66F today, tomorrow, and the next day. We're under a big hoop of above normal temperatures -- 80F in the Chico California area -- that extends into upper British Columbia. I know some of you are contending with ice and snow, but I still find this a bit scary, as we are at the 44th parallel. Should so many spring songbirds be urging me to whistle while I work? Meanwhile, I make grass clippings while the sun shines.


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