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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Yesterday, I set poles for peas. They aren't exactly peasbrush, but they are shorter than beanpoles, usually do the job and are easy to take down and re-use. If the peas have trouble finding them I can add string or enough twigs to get the ball rolling.

I plant peas, beans and corn standing up (old body). The pipe shown is aluminum, bent at one end, a bit of salvage from an old umbrella tent. Drag the pipe toward you, so that it sinks into the ground a bit, then drop the seed down the pipe, then bash around a bit to cover the seed. Skip a few inches and repeat.

Here's a shot from five years ago, when I was using a PVC pipe. They're all right, but I became aware that I was abrading the plastic into the soil, and that the tiny bits migrate from the garden to the creek to the river to the ocean, which they are killing, so I switched out. That's at least as easy as not caring and it doesn't matter if it's a futile gesture.

The pole beans will get taller poles and the trellis will need a bit tighter construction as beans tend to pull flaky trellises down. I want to trellis cukes too, something on my bucket list.

Here are some garden trellises from old posts on this blog.


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