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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Baby steps

As there are still a couple of possible frosts in the near term forecast, I'm not doing much in the garden, but I did plant a bed of potatoes.

Where there have been, in the past, three rows of potatoes in a bed, here I am doing two. Beds are narrower, this year, as long term readers (there are a few!) may notice, in an effort to make each bed get by on a soaker hose, as we are in drought for a second year (and we anticipate a lot of 90+ degree days) and must conserve the well. Where there have been six beds, there are eleven. Foliage, when the plants are fully grown, will cover the paths more extensively, and the increased shading should help conserve moisture as well.

In the "greenhouse" there is a lot happening, but everything there is young yet. Baby steps.

I'm watching for a spate of (rare) rain in a few days. If it materializes, I'll set out the first flat-grown peas. None of the ones in the garden (from the same batch, so I know germination is good) showed up. I suspect birds, especially the towhees, who have been kicking up the beds something awful. Every year, surprises.


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