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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Peas in our time

We're in a persistent dry holding pattern with thirty degree swings. A bit of rime on the gates in the morning, a little hot (considering it's March) in the afternoons. A little bit of chill in the house calls for a fire, which will be allowed to go out after the day gets rolling.

I want to get the peas in now, as the heat trend is worrisome, which means setting them out in full sun. I'll work in the cool part of the morning.

I'm getting used to the narrower paths and learning to face down the path, working by my side, instead of across the path, working directly in front of me, as I am used to doing.

I'd face away from the sun, keeping the roots of the peas in my shade, but it's downhill (even if it does not seem so in the photos). So I just try to work fast. Fortunately there's a layer of last year's mulch on the surface, and by fluffing this up a bit I can shade the peas as I go along. I'll water immediately after setting out the seedlings, and water again later in the day, for insurance.

After this it's hot enough to paint. Time to climb on the roof and start putting white paint on where the white had faded over the last couple of years. I have a feeling we're going to need all the albedo we can get.

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