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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Not all about you

There was this table of onion sets at the Youth Farm plant sale fundraiser, and they appeared to all be marked "Walla Walla," so I took one. But now that it's home I see I managed to find the only Red Globe hidden among them. Oh, well. As I'm alone in the family in my antipathy to Reds, these should make a nice offering to -- everyone else. Even your tiniest farm is not all about you.

A couple of stray Red Russian kales are up in the Chioggia beet flat. I've planted a lot of kale but I'm sure I can find a place for them. Good thing as I am not gopher-free at the moment and gophers target beets but not kale. Never a dull moment.

Corn, beans and squash are making their appearance. These are Yellow Zukes, always a favorite.

After checking the plants, letting out the birds, and uncovering the tomatoes, I took the little dog for his morning hike. His shadow was red, and I looked up and discovered the whole valley to my east was covered with a pall of smoke. We have had plenty of rain and there are no incidents reported, so I wonder if this is from Siberia, where the thawed tundra is on fire.

It is a very small world, and getting smaller.


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