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Thursday, April 30, 2015

We're none the less here

April was much chillier than "winter" here and growth of some, though not all, things has been slowed. The lettuce and other greens seemed chuffed about the cold, which is irritating about them as they also complain when it gets hot. The broadbeans, elephant garlic, and rhubarb however are going gangbusters, but they always do.

I've walked around some and I think we will have decent raspberries, cherries, pears (lots) and Granny Smith apples. The Gravenstein will do poorly, if anything. Most of the other apples I haven't checked. There will be some Jonagolds. The blueberries will be so-so. Still no mulberries, figs or peaches, after years of waiting. Don't know about the plums or the blackberries yet. A lot of the hops and sunchokes have mysteriously vanished. Do gophers eat hops roots?

I have mixed the greens and onions with the broadbeans, hoping the partial shade of the beans will help the lettuce and spinach, etc. not bolt too soon.

By the front door are several columbines, children of one that appeared there a decade back. It's only a squiggle in a drawing by a friend from a few years ago, but its presence was noted. We are all only squiggles, in the end, but we're none the less here. At least until we're not.

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