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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It was good

Providing partial shade to greens with broadbeans is all right, but eventually this gets to be too much of a good thing, so I'm walking up and down with a pair of scissors, basically deadheading the beans. it's chop-and drop; the tops will join the grass clippings and straw as mulch.

Here we have some black-seeded Simpson lettuce, which seems to be thriving with the beans. You may also find Red Sails, Forellenschluss, and Cracoviensis lettuces, as well as arugula, radishes, turnips, beets, mangels, two kinds of kale, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, spinach, Fordhook Giant chard, several kinds of onions and leeks, and borage. The arugula is bolting, as is the broccoli. Everything else seems happy enough.

The Rose Gate seems to have reached its peak.

Today, five wheelbarrow loads of grass clippings made their way to the garden paths, more weeds were carried to the hens, a packet of pie pumpkin seeds was planted in various gaps in the beds, and everything was watered twice. We reached 76F, which seemed boiling hot to both the lettuces and me. I retreated to the shade and had solar mint tea.

It was good.


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