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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

There is always enough to do

We're moving most of the remaining available starts out to the garden this week: Jenny green beans, Stowell's Evergreen corn, assorted squashes, tomatoes, and cukes, banana peppers. Many volunteer mangels, Fordhook Giant chard, and Red Russian kale have turned up as well, and some have been moved into the available spots, as we take away radishes and lettuce for consumption.

We do corn in a solid block, four across, for wind pollination. After the corn is established, we'll plant beans and squash in the same bed: Three Sisters.

This is the way things look right now: clockwise from bottom: three beds of greens and roots with a row of broadbeans in the middle of each, for partial shade; blueberries; peas and green beans, sunchokes and apples and a chicken moat along street; Yukon Gold and red potatoes; corn; runner beans and cukes; summer squash; winter squash; raspberries; blackberries, cherries, plums, pears, quince, apples and mulberries in the chicken moat along the property line; rhubarb; grapes.

View of the same area three months ago, with poultry allowed in and patrolling for slug eggs and weeds.

View from the garden swing past geraniums on the Tiny House to the Rose Gate, which has begun its display.

Another chore in progress is the reduction of the knotweed patch to beanpoles (shown drying below), kindling, poultry feed, compost, and mulch. There is always enough to do, it seems.


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