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Sunday, July 05, 2015

These things can wait

It has been over 90F out, and sometimes 100F, for over a month, seems like. The ground is complaining mightily, and now trees are beginning to shrink away from the sun. We anticipated this for several years and were more often wrong than right, but this year the garden's timing -- with things planted in March and April that traditionally are planted on Memorial Day weekend hereabouts -- has been impeccable.

So we are bringing in green beans, runners, zukes, cukes and tomatoes, and I have even eaten a ripe apple. The garden pests have also cranked their calendar forward, but for once we have the jump on them. Also, the predators seemed to know this was happening, and hatched out ahead of the pests and were waiting for them. There are orb weavers everywhere, and I have seen one munching a grasshopper nymph.

Daughter came by, intent on doing something holiday-like, so we loaded the kayaks on the pickup, which had not been done all year (!!) and made our way over to the reservoir.

Favas need shelling. Mulch needs to be cut and laid. Some marigolds want planting. Tomatoes in tubs need shifting. Weeds are going like gangbusters. But sometimes these things can wait.


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