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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A job which it does very well

Our hops vines grow along the west side of the house, with the intent that they add shade during the hot summer. The west side is the creek side, so the foundation is at its tallest here, adding sufficient height to lean fourteen foot poles and train the vines on them.

When it's time to harvest the blossoms, I cut off the vines about thigh high, pull the poles away from the house, harvest the flowers from the poles, unwind the cleaned vines from the poles, cut them up, and return them to the ground along the foundation to assist in feeding the hungry hops roots in future.

I tie the poles up in a bundle and stack them where the other poles are stacked, then carry the blossoms to the dehydrator. The dried flowers can be packed in jars as they are or dry blended so they will pack tighter.

We have been known to make decent beer but other people are better at it and we don't drink a lot of it, so mostly this will be for making a bedtime tea, a job which it does very well.


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