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It may be that lifestyle overshoot will prevent my dream of an egalitarian agrarian society from arising from the empire's ashes. But
I hold that behaving as if a better life could happen is still the right thing to do. Therefore this blog focuses on a decent and humane
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Friday, November 13, 2020

Day of Remembrance for Lost Species at Stony Run Farm

The Day of Remembrance for Lost Species is Monday, Nov. 30 

I feel led to participate, and invite others to join me. Monday is crowded for my calendar, so I plan to be in my Zoom room at 3 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday, November 29, 2020. I don't have a professional Zoom account, so this is designed to take less than forty minutes.

[This event has concluded. The link was posted in this location.]

It's a semi-formal occasion. No one will yell at you for arriving late, leaving early, or not conforming to the rules.

Some etiquette.

The rules are a bit like the Cider House Rules, i.e., respectful of others and ourselves. 

  1. Please stay muted until after the last bow.

  2. During the event, consider turning slightly away from the monitor, and sitting as you would during Zoom silent meditation, or zazen, in the manner of Soto Zen Buddhist zoomies. 

  3. When invited to bow, consider doing so. From the waist as you sit in your chair, with hands together, would be fine.


Brief introduction

"We are in the midst of the Sixth Great Extinction. The bell will be rung 108 times. Each time will commemorate a species, or all lost species, of living beings. Also it can be for lost members of your community, or a loved one who you miss, or just for concern for an aching world.

Offering, three bows. 

"Please join in the bows as you are comfortable."


108 bells approximately about 12 to 15 seconds apart


Metta Verse for All Beings.

    1. May we, together with all beings, be free of suffering; may we feel safe and still.

    2. May we, together with all beings, be free of enmity; may we be loving, grateful and kind.

    3. May we, together with all beings, be healthy and at ease in all our ills.

    4. May we, together with all beings, be at peace, embracing all conditions of life.


"We offer this service for the benefit of all beings in the great web of life, past, present, and future.  May all beings be well."

Offeringthree bows. 

"Please join in the bows as you are comfortable."


Optionally, to go longer and maybe have tea and visit, we can log out and log back in, for another forty minutes. 😀

Thank you for considering this opportunity. 🙇🙇🙇

We humans may clearly perceive the very essence of the sea or the very heart of a river to be water, but what sort of thing a dragon or a fish may perceive to be water, or may make use of as water, we do not yet know. Do not foolishly assume that other creatures make use of water in accordance with how we perceive water. -- Dogen, Shobogenzo, Nearman, 152.

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