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Monday, November 08, 2010

Slugs into eggs

The ducks, unlike the chickens, don't nuke the garden when allowed into it; so we keep the chickens in the chicken moat, which here is hidden behind the forest of sunchokes behind the collards. There are ducks that live in the moat as well -- Khaki Campbells. They would do just as well in the garden, but separating them out would be more work than we're really up for. These are Anconas.

Still no frost, so there is lots going on in those beds to interest the ducks. They chow down whenever they're not napping -- mostly slugs, pill bugs, earwigs, and various kinds of bug eggs. All this gets converted into duck eggs for quiche and such. They would eat kale eventually if they ran out of bugs, but so far, so good. They need the bucket of water while visiting as it's a ways to their pools from here, and their beaks cake up with mud. They have to run to the bucket whenever the mud covers their nostrils. So the bucket's pretty important to them.


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