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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A lifetime partnership

Not entirely trusting the spring weather, Risa has left off planting after putting out the cole starts and peas, and is back to winter tasks. She's replacing the poultry fencing near the house, which had been cobbled together from scraps, with nice new stuff. The old bits will go to surround another potato patch.

Yes, this is not a general-purpose how-to photo. Fence stretching can have safety issues. You don't see a hard hat and safety goggles here. But it's not barbed wire or anything that will be highly tensioned; she's just straightening out about two tee posts' worth of 48" welded wire at a time. For that, the come-along and length of steel pipe have always sufficed.

Risa has owned the come-along for almost forty years. Last week, the pressed steel nub finally came off the end of its cable. She thought over buying a new come-along, but things are not made the way they once were. So she tied a knot in the end of the cable with a nut and bolt through the knot and that is holding well. With any luck, she and the come-along will go out together after a lifetime partnership.


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