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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A lot to offer

Would love to just sit inside and sip cider while contemplating the fall foliage and the newly put-to-bed beds:

... but there are things to do.

One is to hunt down stray potatoes. Risa had to go away for eight weeks, leaving a number of things undone, including spud lifting. The main patch grew over in weeds very quickly:

But that doesn't mean there's nothing there. With her ho-mi and kneeling bench, Risa pokes about underneath the grass roots:

These are Yukon, German Butterball, and Red. Reds are down in production this year, but yellows -- both kinds -- are up. You never know. Risa's maintaining three patches in rotation, so as to get away with using her own potatoes for seed ... what with the price of seed potatoes these days.

She doesn't neglect the smaller spuds, down to about marble size, as they can be planted as seed spuds and the results seem to be just fine.

She'll sort these into two categories: 1) large, without solanine (green patches) for eating this winter, and 2) everything else, for planting. Five wheelbarrow loads should just about do it, y'think? Imagine how well this would go if she'd hill them up and water and weed them like she's supposed to! Spuds,well, for the lazy or absentee farmer, they have a lot to offer, it seems.


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