Wednesday, June 01, 2011

These will outlast us

Risa's oldest has been here and brought his stunning wife and fabulous daughters, so blogging has been among the things held in abeyance while granddaughterly activities were in full swing. So many blessings! And now the nest is empty once again...

As it is still raining cats & dogs (and they seem to be fighting on their way down), let's stay indoors and admire the future of gardening at Stony Run, there being not much of a gardening present.

Beloved's trowel has gone missing and she needs a traditional trowel -- can't use Risa's, as Risa's has been modified to work like a traditional Korean tool, the Ho-mi. Very different work style (arthritis in different joints). But it's a cheap model, and always threatening to fall apart. So Risa has ordered a hers-and-hers matching set:

They are both by the same company and have gel-filled handles to reduce shock.

We're not used to laying out quite so much cash to acquire things of this kind, but the reasoning here is that it is hoped these will outlast us.


  1. Beloved only has one trowel to go missing? Hmm. I reckon I shouldn't mention that I have three, of which one or more is missing at all times. I'm intrigued by the Korean model. It made planting those seedlings look pretty easy though. I just have to decide one would be useful to me, or just another tool to misplace. ;)

  2. We had, like, five, at one time, I dunno ...

    I've put up a mailbox in the garden and we're trying to put everything in it on the way back to the house and such.


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