Friday, July 24, 2015

Into the woods

We took a break between the heat waves to try out "Tessa," the new teardrop trailer.

Last summer we went tent camping and I think it it was for the last time! Old bones and all that. So we asked a local builder to provide us with a roof and walls -- with cabinets, 12V and 110V wiring, a galley, and a set of wheels -- for an honest to goodness mattress.

The trailer works as expected and the journey, a quiet one to a quiet place not far away, went well.

We have provisioned Tessa for emergency trips, such as evacuation in case of a wildfire reaching Stony Run, which could happen under the current conditions. And, as she fits in the garage with room to spare for the old Saturn, she adds a guest bedroom if needed, with its own kitchen. So she's part of the resilience plan.

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